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TD 1 On-Board Data Systems TD 2 Space System Software
1.A DSP, network & data processing technologies & techniques 2.A Methods, tools, & function development using advanced s/w technologies (ground or space applications)
1.B System management 2.B Software Development Life Cycle (SDLC) for flight & simulator s/w
1.C Design methods for microelectronic devices, IP cores, sensor ASICs 2.C SDLC for mission control system
2.D Archiving systems & analytical processing
2.E Earth observation information system infrastructure & information services
TD 3 Spacecraft Electrical Power TD 4 Spacecraft Environment & Effects
3.A Power system architecture design, simulation & implementation 4.A Methods, models & in-flight-monitoring of the space environment
3.B Power generation technologies 4.B Computational tools & risk assessment of environment effects (radiation, em, impacts, etc)
3.C Energy storage technologies 4.C Space weather, warning & forecasting tools
3.D Control, conditioning & distribution
TD 5 Space System Control TD 6 RF Payload & Systems
5.A System architecture, autonomy, control & space/ground segment synergies 6.A Telecommunication (sub-)system tools, techniques & equipment
5.B Tools, testbeds & implementation of space segment Guidance Navigation & Control (GNC) 6.B Radio navigation (sub-)systems (for e.g. EGNOS, GALILEO, GLONAS, GPS)
6.C Techniques & technologies for Tracking, Telemetry & Command (TT&C) (sub-)systems
6.D RF payloads (e.g. remote sensing, navigation)
6.E Design tools & technologies for microwave & millimetre wave equipment
TD 7 Electromagnetic Technologies & Techniques TD 8 System Design & Verification
7.A Design tools, technologies & techniques for antenna systems & architectures 8.A Methods & tools for mission & system specification
7.B Modelling & applications in wave interaction & propagation 8.B Collaborative & concurrent engineering
7.C Modelling & testing for EMC/RFC/ESD 8.C System analysis & design
8.D Verification and Assembly, Integration & Test (AIT) tools for space & ground systems
TD 9 Mission Operation & Ground Data Systems TD 10 Flight Dynamics & GNSS (Global Navigation Satellite System)
9.A Concepts & prototypes for advanced system 10.A Orbit & trajectory measurement & optimisation for flight dynamics
9.B Concepts, tools & processes for mission operations 10.B GNSS systems data processing, networks, & ground-related technologies
9.C Ground data (Mission control) systems
TD 11 Space Debris TD 12 Ground Station System & Networks
11.A Ground & space in-situ measurements 12.A Design of ground station systems & subsystems
11.B Modelling, databases & analysis 12.B COTS technologies & services for ground communications networks
11.C Tools for simulation of Hyper-Velocity Impact & optimisation of protection Note: COTS=Commercial Off-The-Shelf
TD 13 Automation, Teleprescence & Robotics TD 14 Life & Physical Sciences
13.A Mission-specific systems, applications & innovative robotics concepts 14.A Instrumentation in support of life sciences
13.B Application-specific automation & robotics systems & subsystems 14.B Instrumentation in support of physical sciences (e.g. fluid, material, planetary)
13.C Automation & robotics methods, components & technologies 14.C Applied life science technology (e.g. to support planetary exploration, long-term presence in space)
14.D Applied physical science technology (e.g. for extra-terrestrial in-situ production of components)
TD 15 Mechanisms & Tribology TD 16 Optics
15.A Building-block core technologies to provide specific mechanism functions 16.A Design, analysis & engineering of optical systems
15.B Non-explosive, non-pyrotechnic technologies to release force or torque 16.B Techniques & technologies for design & manufacture of optical components & materials
15.C Sample acquisition technologies (e.g. auger, ultrasonic corer) 16.C Techniques & technologies for design, manufacture & test of optical equipment & instruments
15.D Control system technologies
15.E Nano- & MicroElectroMechanical System (MEMS) technologies TD 17 Optoelectronics
15.F Tribology (interacting surfaces) technologies 17.A Laser techniques & technologies
15.G Mechanism engineering 17.B Detector techniques & technologies (including X-ray)
17.C Photonics
TD 18 Aerothermodynamics (ATD) TD 19 Propulsion
18.A Computation tools for internal & external flow design, analysis & engineering of space vehicles 19.A Chemical (liquid, solid, air-breathing) propulsion technologies
18.B Computation Flow Dynamics (CFD) for ground-based high enthalpy facilities 19.B Electric propulsion (inc. solar & nuclear) technologies
18.C Flight test data measurement & collection 19.C Advanced propulsion
18.D ATD & multi-disciplinary tool integration 19.D Technologies & tools for development, integration, qualification & monitoring of propulsion systems/td>
TD 20 Structures & Pyrotechnics TD 21 Thermal
20.A Structural design & verification methods & tools 21.A Heat transport technologies
20.B Technologies, manufacture & verification of high stability, high precision spacecraft structures 21.B Cryogenics & refrigeration technologies
20.C Materials, simulation, control & verification of inflatable & deployable structures 21.C Thermal protection & insulation systems
20.D Materials, technologies & verification methods for hot structures 21.D Heat storage & rejection technologies
20.E Technologies, development & control of active/adaptive structures 21.E Thermal design, analysis & verification tools
20.F Technologies & tools for damage tolerance & health monitoring
20.G Technologies for vehicle structures & control surfaces (e.g. launchers, re-entry vehicles ) TD 22 Environmental Control & Life Support,
and In-Situ Resource Utilisation
20.H Crew habitation, safe haven & EVA suits 22.A Technologies for ECLS & monitoring of human presence in non-terrestrial environments
20.I Meteoroid & debris shield design, analysis & damage assessment tools & technologies 22.B Interplanetary mission ISRU
20.J Advanced structural concepts & materials
20.K Pyrotechnics (e.g. ignition) technologies
TD 23 EEE Components & Quality TD 24 Materials & Processes
23.A Methods & processes for radiation hardness or mitigation testing & validation 24.A Novel materials from non-space applications
23.B Radiation hardened or mitigated EEE component technologies 24.B Materials manufacturing processes & fabrication techniques
24.C Techniques, tests & technologies to ensure & verify cleanliness & sterilisation
TD 25 Quality, Dependability & Safety TD 26 Services & Other Items
25.A System ARM, dependability, & safety 26.A Training or consulting in quality assurance
25.B Software quality : development process & products 26.B Training or consulting in project management
Note: ARM=Availability, Reliability, Maintainability 26.C Technical support to R&D & product innovation
26.D Support to market research & technology watch