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Important ! Before you register,
please read the following guidance notes.

Admission to this database is reserved for high-technology SMEs (from any sector of industry),
in any of ESA's 24 Member or Cooperating States.

1) Only SMEs in the following 28 Member or Cooperating States can apply for admission to the ESA SME Database.

ESA's 22 Member States are:
Austria(AT), Belgium(BE), Czech Republic(CZ), Denmark(DK), Estonia(EE), Finland(FI), France(FR),
Germany(DE), Greece(GR), Hungary(HU), Ireland(IE), Italy(IT), Luxembourg(LU), Netherlands(NL),
Norway(NO), Poland (PL), Portugal(PT), Romania(RO), Spain(ES), Sweden(SE), Switzerland(CH), United Kingdom(GB).

ESA's Cooperation Agreement plus Cooperating States are:
Canada(CA), Bulgaria(BG), Latvia(LV), Lithuania(LT), Slovakia(SK), Slovenia(SL).

2) To qualify as an SME, basic parameters your company must satisfy are:
(a) Less than 250 staff in your company
(b) Not more than 50M Euros Annual Revenues
    OR Annual Balance Sheet not more than 43M Euros.

In addition:
    If between 25 and 50% of the shares of your company are owned by another company
    OR if your company owns between 25 and 50% of another company,
    you must ADD that company's consolidated staff and revenue data to yours,
    pro-rated to the same % as the shareholding.
    If the shareholding is greater than 50%,
    you must ADD 100% of the other company's staff & revenue data to yours.

    (note: some exceptions apply to these rules, e.g. for venture capital, institutional & public body shareholders).

3) Lastly, to qualify as a "high technology" SME, your company must invest, on average,
    at least 4% of its annual revenues in R&D and/or in production infrastructure.

We are sorry, but we cannot accept "pure consulting" companies into the SME Database.

Very Important!

Please note: Registering in the SME Database does not mean that your company is then automatically also registered to bid for contracts with ESA!

Registration on esa-star is mandatory for all entities not yet registered as potential tenderers, wishing to do business with ESA.
The esa-star – ESA’s System for Tendering And Registration – application, including its Entity Registration facility replaces the “Industry Outlook” component of EMITS.

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