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The ESA SME Database, launched on October 14th , 2003, consists of information on European High Technology Small and Medium-sized Enterprises (SMEs) working or being interested in space-related fields. It has the following purposes:

    1. Provide a source of information on high-technology SMEs from all ESA member, cooperation agreement, and cooperating states, with well defined competencies
    2. Improve ESA's awareness of SMEs' expertise, and provide a targeted, direct communication path with these SMEs
    3. Facilitate partner search and cooperation between SMEs and other enterprises and organisations

The information included in this Database has been provided by the SMEs themselves. The database allows for simple queries, statistics and graphical outputs describing the distribution of registered SMEs by country and by competence.

The fulfilment of the SME criteria in force at ESA is checked through scrutiny of questionnaires completed by companies applying for admission to the SME Database. The questionnaires are available on-line, and can be completed and submitted by new registrants, using a password and login.

Note that once your company is registered, you are encouraged to update your company's information at least once a year. Using the login details returned to you, you can access your company's data on-line, update it, and resubmit it, at any time.

Note especially that all financial and resource information you provide through these questionnaires is kept confidential. Access is restricted to the ESA Database administrator.

Only the information advertising your expertise, your distinctive competence, and your company contact information, will be visible to visitors to the SME Database. In order to provide an overview on the database's internet questionnaire, a PDF with the content can be viewed here.

Very Important! Please note: Registering in the SME Database does not mean that your company is then automatically also registered to bid for contracts with ESA!
  • To improve visibility on your expertise, you are invited to register with the present SME Database using the "Registration" link here on your left;
  • Registration on esa-star is mandatory for all entities not yet registered as potential tenderers, wishing to do business with ESA.
    The esa-star – ESA’s System for Tendering And Registration – application, including its Entity Registration facility replaces the “Industry Outlook” component of EMITS.